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Comprehensive Service and Calibration

Generally, this service is appropriate for high-use devices which have not had a recent service by Comdronic and/or units that have known/suspected faults.

Download a Returned Goods Form

The comprehensive service covers all aspects of the basic service but also includes:

- The unit is stripped down and all 'wet' parts are ultrasonically cleaned.
- The main internal Valve Block and Pressure-Sensor are reassembled and comprehensively pressure-tested to ensure integrity.
- The Snap-Connectors on the top of the unit are visually inspected and tested for proper function. If necessary, these will be replaced for new.
- If any of the Front Enclosure, the Rear Enclosure or the Battery Cover shows excessive signs of wear or, indeed, impact damage, they will be replaced for new.
- If the Keypad Membrane is excessively worn or damaged, it will be replaced with new.
- Replacement Silicon Seals are fitted between the front and rear enclosures and, also, to the battery compartment - thus helping to maintain resistance to any water ingress.
- A new Lanyard is supplied and the Lanyard Fixing Point is replaced.
- The device's Firmware is updated to latest version.
- Product Labels are replaced / updated as necessary.

If Hoses are returned with the AC6, these will be pressure-tested to ensure integrity and the Snap-Connectors will be lubricated. Recommendations will be made if any faults are found.

If the carry-case is returned with the unit, External Labels will be replaced / updated as necessary.


£160.00 +VAT plus return shipping (£10.00 for handset only / £15.00 for complete carry-case for mainland UK destinations). Download a Returned Goods Form

Extra costs for chargeable parts (if required) are:

New Screen = +£31.50;

New Pressure-Sensor = +£42.00;

New Circuit Board = +£150.00.