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Basic Service and Calibration

Generally, this service is appropriate for AC6 devices which have been regularly maintained by Comdronic and it is unlikely that the meter will be a high-use unit. There will be no known faults with the device.

Download a Returned Goods Form

- An initial Function Test is performed in order to confirm that there are no faults.
- All internal O-ring seals are replaced.
- New Strainers are fitted in the snap-connector assemblies.
- Valve Data is updated to latest version (5,000+ valves).
- Unit is Calibrated to be within stated tolerances and a fully-detailed Calibration Certificate is issued.
- A final Function Test is performed to ensure that the AC6 is operating correctly.


£112.00 + VAT plus return shipping (£10.00 for handset only / £15.00 for complete carry-case for mainland UK destinations). Download a Returned Goods Form