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0-11 bar Insertion Pressure Gauge

Category: Standard Pressure Test Equipment

Price: £58.00

Sold and priced as pairs. Order Code: CA024

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Gauges assembled with insertion needles suitable for measurement of static pressures or as a pair across high differential devices such as pumps/ chillers/strainers etc. Whilst it is accepted that the Comdronic AC6 meter will measure up to 200 kPa (Std pressure) or 600 kPa (High pressure) these gauges are very useful toolkit addition for the professional commissioning engineer. Supplied with standard 3.3mm Binder needles.

Full List of Spares and Accessories

The maximum continuous pressure for this gauge should be no more than 5.5 bar- ie. 50% of FSD. The gauge can be used up to 6.5 bar intermittently but with any binder style insertion device long periods of insertion should be avoided to prevent the sealing capability of testpoint becoming compromised. 

Essential tip - ALWAYS replace dustcaps on the balancing valve testpoints after use. 

Copper alloy Bourdon tube- shatter resistant window-dual scale PSI/Bar-IP65 rated case and bezel-Accuracy to EN837-1 (+/-1.6%)