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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the AC6 be used as a simple manometer?

Yes, connecting the AC6 to the balancing valve or measuring device will measure the differential. To display just the DP on the screen simply go to display menu and select 'pressure'.

What types of connectors are supplied with the AC6?

We supply a pair of industry standard insertion probes in angle pattern. These insertion probes are 3.3 mm diameter with 3/8" UNF threads.
We also supply a pair of 'Mechseal' adaptors in straight pattern for connection to old types of UK manufactured valves such as Crane, Hattersley etc. 
Some valves do not require a separate adaptor - the snap connector can be used directly onto the valves testpoint (TA typical)
We can supply insertion probes at 2.0mm diameter or long series 3.3mm probes to special order.

Can I programme a measuring device Kvs into the AC6 which is not held in the database?

Yes, go to 'Main' menu and select User Kvs. Enter the desired Kvs and return to the display screen for direct reading of flow.

Can the AC6 be used for air measurements?

The AC6 is capable of reading differential pressure on air systems but the range displayed is not suitable. For readings to be meaningful the AC6 would have to be completely dried out to prevent droplets of water trapped within the unit affecting the readings. (A droplet of 5mm on one side of the meter would give a reading of 50 Pascals!)
Differential readings on air systems are best taken with an appropriate manometer.

Can the AC6 take differential pressure readings across pumps?

Yes, the standard-pressure AC6 is capable of taking a reading of up to 200 kPa. The reading taken across the pump is never very accurate, but in most instances is accurate enough for establishing where the pump is operating on its curve.  A useful check that can be made is to close the valve on the pump delivery and measure the differential pressure. This pressure is the closed head pressure and will define the point on the curve at the left hand end of the curve. (Do not leave pump in this condition too long as the temperature will begin to rise in the pump.)

How often should the AC6 be re-calibrated?

All electronic manometers should be re-calibrated at least once per year. The main reason for this is that the commissioning engineer is usually next in line to work on a system after the water treatment engineers. It has been shown through experience that water treatment chemicals and agents get left behind in the system - often in the test point pockets if these are facing downwards. The chemicals have been found to deposit thin coatings on the internal parts of the meter with a resultant change in the calibration.

Calibration by Comdronic Ltd is reasonably priced and includes complete overhaul.

Can the AC6 be used on systems where the static pressure is greater than 10 bar?

Yes, the AC6 will be ok up to 20 bar on water not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. However, it will be necessary to use high pressure hoses as the clear nylon hoses supplied are not rated above 12 bar.