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DSP Technology

Dynamic Sensor Protection (DSP Technology ™) is a unique feature in the design of Comdronic Commissioning meters.

The choice of the most appropriate sensor for the application, has led to a requirement to protect the device from overpressures such as those created when one or other of the connection tubes is removed, before the equalising valve on the side of the AC5 or AC6 is opened.

If one of the connection tubes is removed the sensor is exposed to the full static pressure in the system on one side and zero pressure (Atmospheric) on the other side. This pressure could be 'say' 10 bar which represents a severe shock for a sensor that has been selected for its ability to provide accurate readings to a resolution of just 10 Pascals.

In addition to the static pressure is the transient effect of attaching or removing the connecting tube which can be a factor of up to 1.5 times.

The unique design of the  DSP ™ system activates at very high speed when a large transient is present and coupled with the design of the pressure galleries within the meter prevents the overpressure exceeding approximately 3.5 bar.

Experience over a 3 year period has shown that the DSP ™ System is effective at protecting the sensors.