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Comdronic Ltd is a wholly-owned UK Limited company specialising in the design, manufacture, test and calibration of water manometers for the HVAC industry. As well as manufacturing and supplying manometers, we provide our customers with a high level of service to ensure that they have access to timely repair and calibration facilities. We are also very happy to help with some of the more obscure tasks such as identifying old and obsolete balancing valves and providing measuring data from our extensive valve database.

Our AC6 water manometer is available in two basic pressure ranges: 0.5-200 kPa and 1-600 kPa. The 0.5-200 kPa Standard-Pressure unit has been designed to cope with the requirements normally encountered with the commissioning of balanced systems. The 1-600 kPa High-Pressure unit is ideal when working on 'high rise' or campus-style projects. 

Our customers include a host of valve manufacturers, along with a complete cross-section of the industry from individual installers to large commissioning companies. Approximately 50% of our business is within the UK with the remainder spread throughout the world.

Manufacturing, sales, administration and technical departments are all located on the same site and, as such, we are able to respond to customer requirements without the lengthy wait often experienced with larger companies. 

Comdronic Ltd is registered in the UK.  Registration number 08907422. VAT number 200721469.

Designed and Manufactured in UK